About Us

Theodoro GrischyCreated in 1954 by missionaries of Marburg (Germany), Light and Life Publishing is a non-profit corporation that aims to produce quality christian material and working on spreading the good news of the Gospel. With over 50 years of experience in the market, it remains true to its mission of bringing people to God through quality products that carry messages of love and edification – making it recognized as one of the most important publishers in the industry.

SmilinguidoThey first started with Gospel tracts, produced and distributed by the Company, who arrived to put more than 600 titles available to the public.

The pamphlets approached from the perspective of the Gospel, issues such as drugs, alcohol, abortion and politics. In the 70’s, they came to be distributed per year nearly two million of these pamphlets. Also, Light and Life calendars made history; they are still followed by thousands of Brazilian families. In
1989, Light and Life assumed the edition of the “Smilingüido” – original creation of Marcia D´Haese and Carlos Tadeu Grzybowski – that throughout the time it expanded to an amusing group of friends and they conquered children and adults, in Brazil and the abroad.