In the 80’s, was born in the heart of some young people the dream of communicating God’s love in a joyful and creative way.

In this group there was a designer: Marcia D’Haese, who drew an ant to illustrate her notebooks. There was also a young talented writer: Carlos Tadeu, and many others who set out to assist in the creation of the first stories.
The first idea to name the ant was Zeca, but soon the group found the name too heavy for a being so small and fragile, they then suggested the name of Smilingüido to give prominence to the fact that although he is small and fragile (“desmilingüido”), the Lord God could manifest His power and His greatness. “… God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.” II Co 12.9.

This was the beginning of the character in the way that we know him today. Since 1989, the project has been built by “Editora Luz e Vida” (Light and Life Publishing), who also ended up with the rights of reproduction, maintaining the faith and dedication in bringing people closer to God. Smilingüido represents the fragility of man; he reminds us that man cannot do anything without God. (… Without me, you can’t do anything, said Jesus. Jn. 15.5). Click here to learn more about Smilingüido and his Crew.

Gang Cherub

The Cherub Crew was released by Light and Life Publishing in May 2001, in partnership with Cartoon Pro Studio, located in the city of Londrina (PR).

The Crew was elaborate and created of characters aiming children aged 0 to 7 years, living their own adventures of this phase of life. Cmposed of three main characters: Gabby, Caleb and Ralph, and also with their little mascots, Aunt Sweetie and friends. The characters find their inspiration in the angels, to work in favor of the people as messengers of God.

The Cherub Crew stories approach different “problems” that are part of the world of the little ones, as for example, situations of fear of dark, conflicts on lying, disagreements with playmates and many other different situations. These stories make the applications of Biblical principles and guidelines easier to understand, which is fundamental for the development of their characters.

The purpose is to be an aid to early childhood education – at home, in schools and churches. With this idea the Crew characters were illustrated in a series of educational products, books and several musical CDs for children. The Cherub Crew was created to remind us that when life is guided by the eternal values of the Bible, even in the midst of difficulties, life can be full of joy and victory. Click here to learn more about the Cherub Crew.